Thursday, October 13, 2011

Free Webinars and Other Library Training Resources

With today’s tough economy it is not easy to find ways to stay up-to-date or further our education without spending money, which can be too much to ask for. So whether you are employed, unemployed, have your masters, or considering a degree, I have created a list of webinars (mostly free) that focus on library science and technology. I have also added some useful resources for library training. This is not a complete list but hopefully will be a good starting point.

Last year the Learning Round Table of the ALA posted an article called In Praise of the Free Webinar on September 16, 2010 by Marianne LenoxLenox’s webinar bundle is a great example of how professionals in our field can gather information and provide it in a clear format that is not only easy to use but user friendly.

“I’ve created a Google Reader Bundle that helps me keep up with the offerings from individual providers that have RSS feeds. I also subscribe to Brad Ward’s Library Webinars blog and Stephanie Zimmerman’s Library-Related Training Opportunities Google Calendar for the ones that don’t catch in my feed reader.” Below is the information that can be found on Lenox’s Google Reader Bundle page, including which feeds (sources) are used to create it.

"Marianne Lenox "Webinars" bundle created by MLx
A bundle is a collection of blogs and websites hand-selected by your friend on a particular topic or interest. You can keep up to date with them all in one place by subscribing in Google Reader.
There are 8 feeds included in this bundle:

Webinar Providers (List provided by NEFLIN)
Remember that most webinar/courses are archived.
ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries)

ADA Online Learning (Americans with Disabilities Act)

ALCTS (Association for Library Collections & Technical Services)
American Management Association (Registration Required) (Genealogy & Registration Required)
Booklist (Book Reviews)

Community Service Corp (Volunteer and Service & Registration Required)
Educause (Crtical IT Topics in Higher Education) (Education Technology)
Florida Electronic Library (Gale Resources & Registration Required)
Foundation Center (Grant Space & Only select courses are free)
Insync Training (Professional & Personal webinars)
Library of Congress (Also lists 10 most popular webcasts)

New Horizons (Registration Required)

NISO ($)
OCLC (Also RSS available)
Office Depot (Business)
OPAL (Online Programming for All Libraries)
O'Reilly Media (Technology)
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service)
Wild Apricot  (Small Organizations)

Free Webinar Links
ALA Publishing Webex (Cisco) WebinarsI recently used this to attend a webinar, A Free Webinar for Library Job Hunters-from ALA Editions Blog Jeannette Woodward, author of our special report A Librarian’s Guide to an Uncertain Job Market will host the webinar “Tactics for Library Job Hunting in a Tough Market” on October 20, 2011.” If you missed this, ALA Editions Blog posted the archive of it here.

Great calendar format that allows users to view by month, week, or by agenda.

We are pleased to announce that OCLC now offers free, live-online and self-paced training for many courses that cover Cataloging, Resource Sharing and FirstSearch services.”

“WebJunction webinars are live audiovisual programs that are conducted online via WebEx web conferencing. Anyone who has an Internet connection and access to a telephone or VoIP connection can participate. These free events allow you to meet and learn from library leaders and fellow library practitioners.”

Other Library Training Resources
“This resource list represents leadership development training opportunities for library professionals at all levels and specialties within the library community.”

Government Information and Depository Management Clearinghouse from ALA’s Government Documents Round Table. For other ALA Round Table groups, please click here.

Resource Training from National Institutes of Health (NIH) Library.
Offers three different resources: classes, online, or tutorials.
“NIH Library offers training on how to effectively find, appraise and manage information using an array of electronic library resources. Topics include how to search the biomedical literature, access online journals, order and receive articles via email, set up a research update service, and use bibliographic management software to manage a personal library collection and format bibliographies.”

Training & Outreach from U.S. National Library of Medicine.
Includes more information about the following areas:
Education for Career Development
Training and Outreach for NLM Products and Information Services
Public Programs
Seminars and Exhibit Schedule

Training Resources by Stephanie Gerding (professional trainer).
Resources for Training (includes Training Materials, Online Tutorials, Training and Technology Related Websites, Training and Technology Related Websites, Library Technology Related Blogs, Training Discussion Lists, Podcasts, Professional Training Organizations, and Training Scholarships).

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