Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Back with Book Reviews!

Hello everyone! I took some time away to start a new job (yea!) and now have time to write some book reviews. Thanks to I am able to get a sneak peek of the newest books before they are published! I highly recommend to all my librarian friends. can be addicting!

Published online today (November 23, 2016):

Crimson Death (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #25)

I received this book in exchange of an honest review from NetGalley.

I was excited to read the next Anita Blake book before it was available for the public. I loved book 24 entitled “Dead Ice” and couldn’t wait to read “Crimson Death.”

Laurell K.Hamilton is a wonderful story-teller. I love the details that she uses for her characters so that you can visualize everyone in the manner she sees them. The emotional connection that the main character Anita Blake has with all of her loves is felt. The reader can feel every emotion Anita is facing herself. However, I could not understand why this book had to be 720 pages. The last book was shorter and more engaging.

The setting for half of this book is in Ireland, where we have a chance to meet the Fae. Since Hamilton has another series, Merry Gentry, I was excited to see what that would mean to her plot. If you were waiting for a mashup of the two books, keep waiting.

While the plot for Crimson Death keeps the same pace as Hamilton’s other books (personal issues, uses lots of details, sex scenes, fight bad guys, finishes in a hurry, and a nice tidy wrap up to explain what she didn’t tell us) I found that this title gave a little more backstory with all the character’s relationships. The triumvirate between Nathaniel, Damian, and Anita grew in many ways, bring a lot of fallout to fix. Anita is maturing in her relationship with women as well as with men as they continue to plan for a wedding. If you were hoping for more steamy sex scenes, this book doesn’t have as many as the last few have had- Hamilton is more concern about Anitas emotions and than action in this book. Hamilton’s plot was predictable but was good enough to keep me engaged to see how the book ended.

I’m sad to say that this may be the last Anita Blake book I will read. As I have mentioned, Hamilton has become very predictable and a bit far fetched with all of her lovers that is necessary for her power system. I thought this book was about explaining more to the readers why Anita had to have as many lovers and how hard it was on everyone, not just the main character. Yet, I personally do not feel enough of a curiosity to see where this is going next. The anxiousness of the book, became almost emo in nature and was not appealing. And the length of the book was a bit off putting in ratio to explaining vs. action and adventure. It reminded me of the Twilight Series and oddly feels like Anita is the new Edward.

Published October 1, 2016:
Taking Charge (Lone Star Burn) 
I received this book in exchange of an honest review from NetGalley.

This is book is a little grittier than a cozy Western or Christian Romance, because it’s not. It’s meant to be a fun quick read with exciting characters. The book begins well but it quickly jumps ahead six month without warning. What’s disheartening is the fact that the book glazes over some of the juiciest details. For example: David and Lucy’s first date, the awkward moment of seeing each other after they haven’t for a while, and a few other moments. I was looking forward to the new twist on the western romance with the heroine selling sex toys, but I ended feeling like the book was rushed. 

Since this is my first book from Ruth Cardello, maybe I missed some back story from the first three books? In the end I believe the author did a good job of making the main couple likeable but didn't expand enough on it. David and Lucy were real people with real doubts but I wouldn't add this to my collection. I finished the book to give an honest review and honestly, things wrapped up a bit too quickly and tidily.

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